I’m a visual storyteller. I love color and texture-they are my language.

I consider myself a visual storyteller. The backstory is what interests me and what sparks my imagination. Being an observer, I pay attention to the details and try to convey that in my paintings. I listen intently to capture the personality of my subjects and bring out that little extra something-that hidden morsel. It might be pain, it might be loneliness, wit or deep love. Whatever the back story is it comes out in my paintings if you spend enough time with them.

I was classically trained in Illustration and graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in 1996. I went on to have a fruitful career as a digital designer/Art Director for many years. I decided to go back to painting after a long hiatus. Life is good. I live in the Central Coast of California, which has a wealth of beauty to inspire me.



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